Temporal 1.0

Cute platform adventure with logic puzzles


  • Very original graphics
  • Several levels available


  • Puzzles can be tough

Very good

The key to mastering platform games is usually more a question of ability rather than thinking. However in the case of Temporal it's exactly the opposite.

The main character of this original platform game is a cute little robot, trapped in a mysterious and intricate spaceship. While exploring all rooms and corridors, he will face diverse puzzles that will challenge your deductive and logic skills.

Temporal is different to other platform games, not only because it includes brain teasers but also because of its graphics: instead of featuring the typical 8-bit pixelated graphics from the very first titles in the platform genre, or showing off highly realistic models and objects, Temporal uses original graphics that seem to have been hand-drawn right on your screen.

The game is easy to control: use the arrow keys to move your character, the spacebar to skip dialogs and press F1 if you need help. Temporal as a game though is not that easy: you'll have to carefully think about each puzzle you come across in order to find the right solution for it.

If you like original platform games, you will love Temporal – even if it requires more thinking than just a standard platform game.



Temporal 1.0

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